Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Comprehensive Allergy testing to identify delayed hypersensitivity reaction to specific allergens:

ELISA / ACT Biotechnologies founded by Russ Jaffe M.D. The test looks directly at the patients’ lymphocytes, making it possible to detect all three types of delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

The answers to frequently asked questions can be found on Dr. Jaffe’s website.

What conditions are affected by immune system overload (autoimmunity)?

Autoimmune conditions include inflammatory bowel diseases (IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Ileitis), asthma, migraine, multiple sclerosis, eczema/psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis (and over 100 connective tissue diseases), fibromyalgia, CFIDS, chronic viruses, thyroiditis and other conditions in which the body attacks itself.

Does the LRA test for gluten intolerance?

The LRA will identify any immune system response that is triggered by gluten. This is different than a gluten intolerance. An intolerance is a digestive issue and may not also have an immunologic component.

Will I always be sensitive to certain foods?

The short answer is maybe. Most sensitivities are acquired, and you can repair the underlying cause, permanently lose the sensitivity, and regain the ability to eat that food. Some sensitivities are fixed. They are just part of your makeup and must permanently be avoided. On a typical person, between 80-90% of the sensitivities are acquired and will go away, while 10-20% are fixed, and you will permanently have to avoid those items.

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