Comprehensive Treatment Program


Homeostasis practice offers cutting-edge, evidence-based

individualized treatment approach using a combination of

advanced pharmacology and nutritional support to treat

neuropsychiatric conditions and associated physical imbalance.



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The key to healthy living is finding the right balance!

Often physical illness is preceded by emotional imbalance and early trauma. Today we live in a fast-paced and competitive world, in which we are subjected to daily stressors trying hard to balance work and home life. This lifestyle compromises out mental and physical health.

Treatment Approach

Our treatment approach differs from the current conventional model of treatment of neuropsychiatric and physical illnesses is that we strive to understand the underling psychopathology and offer therapeutic pharmacological and nutritional treatments to promote brain healing and to minimize long-term dependency on medications.

Long Experience

For over 15 years we have been providing an alternative solutions to treat psychiatric and medical illnesses.

Quality of Care

Our treatment approach is tailored to each individual’s needs as everyone’s physical and psychological profile is unique.


Brigitte L. Lank Ph.D.

I so appreciate Inna’s stellar case conceptualizations for assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the many cases on which we have collaborated. She is an astute colleague who integrates theoretical knowledge and evidence based research into practical applications and interventions for her patients.
Her dedication to healing the whole person, with unfailing competence and invariable ethics, makes Inna an outstanding practitioner.

Psychologist and Clinical Consultant , A Professional Corporation

Irisha Goreva

My physical and emotional health was significantly affected during my menopausal years. Mrs. Zelikman offered a comprehensive consultation during my first office visit and ordered multiple tests to look for digestive issues, abnormal levels of vitamins, minerals and toxic metals and to determine hormone imbalances. Based on my laboratory test results, health history and current symptoms, Mrs. Zelikman was able to balance my hormones and provided nutritional support that improved quality of my sleep, mood and overall well-being. I highly recommend her services.

Christina Avilina

During my rotation as a Physician Assistant student I gained knowledge and skills in areas of psychiatric illnesses, addiction, pain management, women’s health and many other organic imbalances. As an educator she provided guidance and resources to facilitate my learning.